We are a congregation firmly committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but instead of insisting on any single interpretation we invite each other to share his or her own faith and spirituality so that the whole body may be nurtured mutually.

We are an Open and Affirming congregation welcoming persons of any age, race, sexual orientation, nationality, economic circumstance, or physical or mental ability.  "God accepts all the people...so do we."

Worship Services begin at 10 a.m . Holy Communion is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of every month. Children begin the morning in the sanctuary with their families and after the Children's Message they go with their teachers to Sunday School. Infant/toddler care provided every week.



 Latest News

Environmental Film Series, Weds, Oct 14, 7 pm and Oct 28, 7 pm

Be the Blessing!                         Environmental Film Series

Two inspiring films on healing the Earth


The change in our national attitude regarding big dams is explored in this documentary. There is a growing awareness that our own future is bound to the life and health of our rivers.  Curt Johnson will lead the...

Ella Scantlebury Fellowship, Saturday, Oct. 17:

            Fellowship and joy best describe this evolving ministry!   Please join us!

            In 2005, a small group of Spring Glen and Christian Tabernacle members decided to bring light and laughter to a senior residence. We were lead to the Ella B. Scantlebury residence, home to about 20 African American ‘mature’ adults. Our small...

Help out October 17 at Church Clean-up/Fix-up Day

Come pitch in for an hour or two on Saturday, October 17 from 9 am - 12 noon.  Lots of inside and outside projects. Includes cleaning and small repairs. Everybody is welcome.  We’ll have fun! Bring cleaning supplies and...

Check out our Newly Organized Book Library!

Whether you want to check out a book or just check out what books our Fellowship Room library has, please browse when you have a minute. Over the summer much work was done to purge books that were either outdated or in very poor condition. In addition, books were grouped according to general areas of interest. Far from being in alphabetical or exact Dewey Decimal...

Thanks to the Crew who served at Columbus House in September!

Thanks to your generosity, on Thursday, September 24th, Columbus House clients enjoyed a dinner of casserole, green beans, green salad, bread and butter, cake, and watermelon.   Many thanks to all our food shoppers, preparers, and servers!!


Congregational Service Opportunity

On October 25 we will be meeting at church at 12:30 to serve some of our own members of the congregation who may need help with fall cleanup projects. Christian Community Action will organize groups to do work that could include leaf raking, yard cleanup, getting storm doors on, or moving items out for bulky trash pickup (in Hamden). No skilled labor required, only...