Please join your friends at Spring Glen Church on December 7 for our annual Advent Festival.  This event begins at 3:30 in the Great Hall with family crafts, followed by a pick-up pageant at 5:00 pm in the Sanctuary and a church pot-luck supper in Great Hall at 6:00 pm.


We are a congregation firmly committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but instead of insisting on any single interpretation we invite each other to share his or her own faith and spirituality so that the whole body may be nurtured mutually.

We are an Open and Affirming congregation welcoming persons of any age, race, sexual orientation, nationality, economic circumstance, or physical or mental ability.  "God accepts all the do we."

Worship Services begin at 10 a.m. Holy Communion is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of every month. Children begin the morning in the sanctuary with their families and after the Children's Message they go with their teachers to Sunday School. Infant/toddler care provided every week.


 Latest News

Thanksgiving Brigade!

How best to move some of the 60+ bags, with food for the 35 families, that Spring Glen Church was responsible for collecting this Thanksgiving season, up front where they could be blessed?   Form a "Thanksgiving Brigade!"   In the spirit of forming a "bucket brigade," children and adults formed a "Thanksgiving Brigade" during the Sunday service this past...

December Springboard full of Advent happenings and other SGC News!

Our December issue of the Springboard includes:

  • The calendar of Advent activities, including worship services, Advent Festival, Service of Silence & Sound, Longest Night/Blue Christmas
  • Report from the Senior Pastor Search Committee on survey and group meetings
  • Updates on Women's retreat, worship service recordings, Bible Study groups, Abraham's Tent
  • ...

Bake Sale Thank Yous and photos!

Thank you to Rita McLeary and her team of Ellen Schowalter, Amanda Cecala, Barbara Hobbs, and Ruth Resnick Johnson for putting together a most successful, delicious and beautiful to look upon Bake Sale!!! And thank you to the innumerable bakers who went above and beyond in your donations of delicious desserts. We raised almost $700 for projects sponsored by Spring Glen Church Women!

Thanksgiving blessings

Thanksgiving blessings

So much to be grateful for!   Thank you to all who supported our Christian Action work by contributing Thanksgiving baskets and gift cards for 35 families through Covenant to Care.   We celebrated our blessings in church on Sunday with a gratitude brigade:   the children brought many of the food gatherings up to the altar for a very special Time with Children.

Kathy Lee provides help for families to practice "Go Tell it on the Mountain" for the Christmas Pageant

As part of this year's Advent Pageant, scheduled for Dec. 7 at 5:00 pm, Kathy and Larry Lee will be leading the...

Pastor's Weekly Email - November 14, 2014

One of the more strident, spirited hymns in the Pilgrim Hymnal is Once to Every Man and Nation.   Written by James Russell Lowell, the opening line proclaims, 

    Once to every man and nation, comes the moment to decide,
    In the strife of truth with falsehood, for the good or evil side;
    Some great...