Adult Ministry

"Moment for Mission" tells about SGC volunteers who always carry with them the prayers and financial support of the congregation. We are an Open and Affirming congregation welcoming persons of any age, race, sexual orientation, nationality, economic circumstance, or physical or mental ability.  "God accepts all the do we."


GYMM Calendar of Events - Mark your calendars!

GYMM is SGC's new Gen Y & Millinnial Ministries (for anyone in their 20's & 30's and their partners) including spiritual formation discussions and social activities

2016-2017 Spiritual Formation

Sunday Evening Dinner and Discussion
5-6pm Dinner*; 6-7 pm Group Discussion
Childcare provided during discussion...

Field Trip to New Mormon Temple by GYMM

Eight members of the Young Adult Group, soon to be GYMM (Generation Y and Millennial  Ministries), toured the Hartford Connecticut Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of ...

Lay Caregivers Adopt New Name and Offer Second Hour program for Caregivers

Lay Caregivers - a new name - a renewed mission

The Lay Caregiver Team has been renamed! Our new name is Friends and Fellowship Team . We feel that this reflects more accurately our mission in our Church. We will continue to visit and support people who need a special connection with our church, when they can no longer attend worship, or...

Ella Scantlebury Fellowship, Saturday, Oct. 17:

            Fellowship and joy best describe this evolving ministry!   Please join us!

            In 2005, a small group of Spring Glen and Christian Tabernacle members decided to bring light and laughter to a senior residence. We were lead to the Ella B. Scantlebury residence, home to about 20 African American ‘mature’ adults. Our small...

Check out our Newly Organized Book Library!

Whether you want to check out a book or just check out what books our Fellowship Room library has, please browse when you have a minute. Over the summer much work was done to purge books that were either outdated or in very poor condition. In addition, books were grouped according to general areas of interest. Far from being in alphabetical or exact Dewey Decimal...