Fellowship Hour Hosting Schedule

Below is the Fellowship Hour hosting schedule through August 2018. If you are not able to host on your assigned date, we ask that you try to help find a replacement, perhaps swapping with an individual/family scheduled later in the months ahead. Please notify Debby Jagielow of any changes. She will update the master calendar and the church office. To find the phone numbers or email addresses of other members, be sure to log in as a member on this website, and then you may access a downloadable church directory from the righthand navigation menu. Alternatively, email Melissa in the office to request a PDF of the directory be emailed to you.

Please note, all food contributions for fellowship hours should be NUT free.


Date Ambassador Family #1 Family #2
2/4/18 Andri Smith Colette & Doug Matthew Charlie & Eunyoung Yang
2/11/18 Andri Smith Pam & Rick Brownell Debby Jagielow
President's Day Wkd
Stefanie Summerer Ron & Judy Offutt Debra & Geoffrey Ramsey
2/25/18 Stefanie Summerer Emily Smith Alison & John Uyeki


Date Ambassador Family #1 Family #2
3/4/18 Pancake Breakfast Youth Group and Grown-up Friends  
Daylight Savings
Liz Wootton Scott & Lucy Lucker Mimi Houston
3/18/18 Liz Wootton Emily Smith Laura Rainey
Palm Sunday
Stefanie Summerer Heath/Lamothe Family Sue Spight


Date Ambassador Family #1 Family #2
Easter Sunday
Debby Jagielow Alice White & Sarah Diggs Nancy Dittes
4/8/18 Stefanie Summerer Judy & Ron Offutt Anne Harris
4/15/18 Liz Wootton Ray & Lynn Andrewsen John Neiman
4/22/18 Connie Rogers Emily Smith Dan & Alex Smolnik
4/29/18 Stefanie Summerer Amy Baker KellyAnn & John Day


Date Ambassador Family #1 Family #2
5/6/18 Debby Jagielow Emily Smith Al & Marianne Fontana
Mother's Day
Liz Wootton Chris Watkins Cynthia Licata
5/20/18 Congregational Meeting (tentative)    
Memorial Day Wkd
Katharine Healy The Lasters TBD


Date Ambassador Family #1 Family #2
6/3/18 Andri Smith Emily Smith Ruth Resnick & Roger Johnson
6/10/18 Debby Jagielow Mary Cameron Barbara Hobbs
Father's Day
Connie Rogers Helen Schaefer Theresa Voss
6/24/18 Stefanie Summerer The Applebys and Schowalters  


Date Ambassador Family  
7/1/18 Andri Smith Debra & Emma Tangarone  
7/8/18 Andri Smith Rita McCleary & Richard Davis  
7/15/18 Stefanie Summerer Gayle Logan  
7/22/18 Katharine Healy Dick & Nancy Beals  
7/29/18 Connie Rogers Carolyn & Arnie Cary  


Date Ambassador Family  
8/5/18 Connie Rogers Carolyn & Chuck Paul  
8/12/18 Debby Jagielow Sue & Doug Hawthorne  
8/19/18 Andri Smith Susan Liddell & Margie Liddell  
8/26/18 Liz Wootton Bernadette Welsh