House Committee


The mission of the House Committee is to ensure the Church community a place where it can worship in comfort and to provide the greater community a place for meetings, celebrations, recreation, and solace.

  • Usually meets the first Monday of the month at 7:00-8:30 p.m. and as needed.
  • The House Committee maintains, repairs, secures and improves the buildings and grounds.  Committee members plan repairs and renovations to the buildings and grounds. 
  • Members can work on projects by themselves or on special committee work days or evenings.  This may be in conjunction with people outside the committee recruited just for a specific project. 
  • Time obligations are up to the members, but might vary from 1-4 hours per month (in addition to a 1½ hour meeting once a month). 
  • A few times a year, there is a 3-hour “work day” when other church members join the committee to help with sprucing-up projects. 
  • Members also share the overseeing of work hired out to contractors.
  • Members with experience in building and repair trades would be very helpful.