"We Covenant with the Lord, and one with another; and do bind ourselves in the presence of God, to walk together in all God’s ways, according as God is pleased to reveal God’s self to us in  God’s blessed word of truth."  (Salem Covenant, 1629)

We usually welcome people into membership four times a year using the Salem Covenant, above.  We ask that those interested in membership attend a two-session "Inquirer's Class" to learn about the history of our denomination and the history of Spring Glen Church.  Joining Spring Glen Church means that we agree to walk together, discerning how God is leading us to live our faith into the world. 

After we all say the Covenant above, we then join in this mutual welcome:  We welcome you into our fellowship and into our mutual care, and we invite you to journey with us in the joy and cost of discipleship following Jesus of Nazareth.  We are now all members of Christ’s Body, each of us committed to supporting the Good News of God’s unconditional love with our Time, Talent and Treasure.

By joining in a covenant together, we are different than many churches who ask that their members join by agreeing to a creed or set of doctrines. Therefore, membership at Spring Glen Church means we believe Christ commanded us first to love one another, and not necessarily always agree with one other.  This means we honor diversity of thought and opinion, and truly welcome everyone into our midst.  Join us and see!

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How will you serve?

Would you like to get better acquainted with some of your fellow members while contributing to the ministry of Spring Glen Church? We have countless opportunities for you to serve! The Spring Glen Church Nominating Committee, which is charged with matching people with opportunities to serve on the various boards / committees, has begun its work.


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