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Pastor's Weekly Email - January 30, 2015

When describing the sacrament of communion, which we will celebrate in our worship together this coming Sunday, one of the classic definitions is that it is "an inward and invisible sign of the grace of God."   Well, this has been a week when the Spring Glen Church has had an "outward and very visible sign of faith."  You see, amid the snowstorms and very gray days which describe...

Honoring Special Occasions or People with Altar Flower Sponsorship

For those who may wish to celebrate a family event or remember a loved one in a special way, there are openings on the calendar in the next few weeks for those wishing to donate flowers for this purpose.   Those interested are asked to contact Bobbie Kraus, who makes the arrangements for the flowers each....

Pastor's Weekly Email - January 23, 2015

The congregation may only have numbered 75 last Sunday, but the Spirit was rich among us as we gathered for worship together and to welcome back Terese Gemme from her sabbatical time.  
This Sunday, we'll draw inspiration from Jesus' call for disciples to be "fishers of men (and women and children)."   One of the first songs I learned in Vacation Bible...

Annual Meeting Report now available

The January Annual Meeting report with proposed 2015 budget is now available on our website. Please login using the link in the upper right to access Member Links, and the report is the first item in the Member Links menu on the right. Once you are logged in, a Member links box will appear on the right; "January 2015 Annual Meeting Booklet" is a menu option in that Member links box...

Spring Glen Rock & Blues Night - Friday, January 30th

Spring Glen Rock & Blues Night - Friday, January 30th

With Music from HAND, Elle Sera and Blue Trail

On Friday, January 30th, we will be hosting our eighth annual Rock & Blues Night, which each year raises funds to support a worthy cause. This year the money collected will go to benefit two Hamden charity groups, the Hamden Food Bank and the Hamden Clergy Fuel Bank....

Pastor's Weekly Email - Friday, January 16

This Sunday, along with welcoming back Terese, we look forward to the musical inspiration of the adult choir. Eric Summerer will be our lay liturgist and we're grateful to the Palmieri family who will serve as greeters.   Our fellowship hour hosts will be the Barrett family, Belinda Legere and Catie Carrigan. The sermon will be based on this week's lectionary lessons--I Samuel 3:1-10...

Alison Stendahl, UCC Mission Staff to Turkey, to speak Jan 28

Weds, Jan 28, 6:30-8:30 pm, Church of the Redeemer
The nation of Turkey is in the middle of conflicts throughout the Middle East and is itself in the midst of an internal struggle between secular and Islamic government.   Alison Stendahl has taught in Istanbul for more than 25 years through the United Church of Christ as well as working with refugees and...

January Special Events at a Glance

Pastoral Search Committee Update – FAQ

Over the last few months, members of the church community have asked us various questions about the pastoral search process. We thought the monthly Springboard might be a good place to address some of these questions, as best we can. We’ll try to answer at least one or two questions each month. If there are specific questions that you would like...

January Springboard is now Available!

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