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Happy Earth Day!

During the children’s message on April 19, children taught us about the power and potential of solar energy. The church’s 117 solar panels should be running this week.  With the help of Ron Offutt, the children shared the following facts:


Pastor's Weekly Email - April 10, 2015

Happy Easter!   As we are now in the season of Easter, wishing others "Happy Easter" is a greeting much like we greet one another with "Merry Christmas" in the days following Christmas each year.   I recently read a blog post from a pastor advocating that we share the good news of the Resurrection by singing Easter carols in our communities.   Certainly food for...

Pastor's Weekly Email - April 3

Good Friday, April 3rd ---A service of Word and Sacred Music will be held in the Sanctuary at 7:30 pm.   Oboist Olav van Hexewijk will join with the Adult Choir in providing the sacred music.   Pastor Clare will provide a meditation entitled "The Light of Good Friday."   

Easter, April 5th---6:15 a.m .---Sunrise service...

April Springboard available!

LOTS of upcoming events for Holy Week, spiritual enrichment, social activities, and more. Click through here to download the PDF, read all the details and mark your calendars!

March Sunday School News

To read the March Sunday School news, with Palm Sunday reminders, Easter information, and other news, click here

Agape Meal: Learning, Feasting, and Worshiping together

The Great Hall was transformed this afternoon to serve our "Agape," or "love feast," a fellowship meal that recalls the meals Jesus shared with the disciples during his ministry. The meal we shared was integrated with elements of worship, in much the same way the early church would have shared in its life together. There were elements that recalled the Seder...