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Understanding the Spring Glen Church Calendar notation

The Spring Glen Church Calendar is easy to view and print.   Just click on the link above to see the calendar through    If the event is held in the church building, the listing begins with the room location, using the following abbreviations:

    BM = Basement
    CR = Choir Room
    FR = Fellowship Room
    GH = Great Hall
    IR = Infant Room
    N = Nursery
    NC = Noah's Chapel
    OC = Off Campus
    PJ = Pastor Jack's Office
    PC = Pastor Clare's Office
    S = Sanctuary
   CL = Class Rooms

So 7:30p FR: Deacons means that the Deacons meeting is being held in the Fellowship Room at 7:30pm.   The calendar may be viewed in Month or Agenda views by clicking the tabs on the top of the calendar.

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Last updated & adding events...

The Google Calendar is continually updated. To request items be added to the calendar, church members and community groups should contact Melissa Parnoff at . The church council will review and approve all church events at its monthly meeting on 2nd Mondays.