Stewardship Campaign


For surely I know the plans I have for give you a future with hope”

– Jeremiah 29.11

Dear Spring Glen Church Family and Friends,
If you have seen the Stewardship posters up around church, then you know that the 2016 Stewardship Campaign theme is Trust in the Promise.  
What you may not have noticed from a quick glance at the orange and red landscape is the small silhouette of a child, riding a bicycle – complete with training wheels.  That image resonated for us: a child on his bike, in learning mode, eager for the possibilities ahead in his exploration.  
As a church, we are looking toward our future with eagerness and hope.  While we are in a time of staff transitions, we are also secure in the knowledge that we are a strong congregation, with much to be thankful for, and a sense of anticipation for what the future holds.  
As we look ahead to the wonder of living into God's promise, "a future with hope," we need your help.  Planning for such a future is empowered when we know what resources we will have.  For those who made a pledge last year, thank you for your confidence in our church and our efforts to serve together. We hope you will prayerfully consider increasing your pledge this year.  For those who have not pledged before, we hope you will consider making a pledge this year.  Even a modest pledge would make a significant difference in the life of the church and our wider community. 

Trustees expect that while the budget will have similar disbursements to the previous year, there will be additional expenses associated with calling a new Senior Pastor.  All gifts will empower a very meaningful year of ministry in 2016.

This year, we are encouraging members to “go green” by using the online pledge submission form on our SGC website. If you would prefer, you may still use a paper pledge form, available in the church office or narthex.  Regardless of method, please submit your pledge by Sunday, November 15 .  We will celebrate our opportunity to make a financial commitment to the church during worship that Sunday.

God has great plans for Spring Glen Church.  Please join us in helping to make those plans a reality through your financial generosity.  
Together in Christ,
The Spring Glen Church Stewardship Committee
Ray Andrewsen, Nick Healy, Jennifer Heath, Debby Jagielow, and Ellen Schowalter