Stewardship Reflections

Dear Spring Glen Church Family and Friends,

What do you think of when you think about stones?  Stepping stones, paths, walls, foundations, cathedrals?  Or perhaps the image of piling stone upon stone as a cairn, marking a path, or a shepherd’s keep, creating a safe space for a flock.  There are many images that come to mind. 

In one of Pastor David’s early sermons with us, he talked about the stepping stones that help us across the river in our journey of life.  We recognize that the Spring Glen Church family has – and will continue to be – stepping stones for each other, as we make our way during both the difficult and the wonderful periods in our personal lives, and in the life of our church.  And, while it is the people who make the church the caring place that it is, it is through our financial support that we can create a vibrant community that offers opportunities for music, education, fellowship, growth, and reflection. 

Trusting in our members' past dedication and generosity, the Stewardship Committee is asking each person and family to pledge as much as possible in our Stewardship Campaign this fall, even increasing our commitments if possible, to provide for our communities, within and outside our church walls. Over the course of our stewardship moments during worship, we hope the testimonies have refreshed for you the various ways that the Spring Glen Church has been part of many paths and support to individuals on their own journeys.

We ask you to consider in prayer the community that is Spring Glen Church and what it means to you and your family. Consider the stepping stones that have brought you here and the foundations that help keep you here. Then consider how you might contribute your own rocks to add to our paths and foundation. Be your contribution a pebble, or a stone, or a rock, we invite you to pledge your support for the coming year of the activities and outreach of Spring Glen Church. You are encouraged to bring your completed pledge card to worship with you on  Sunday, November 24 , when we will collect them together to build the foundation for 2014. If you are not able to join us in person that morning, we ask that your return your card to the church office in advance of that date.

Together in Christ,

The Spring Glen Church Stewardship Committee

Ray Andrewsen, John Grande, Doug Hawthorne, Jennifer Heath, Debby Jagielow,
Ellen Schowalter, Bernadette Welsh