Worship Services begin at 10 a.m .  Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month.

Children Pre-K through 6 begin the morning in the sanctuary with their families for the first part of the service.   After a Children's Message, teachers and children go to graded classrooms.  Sunday School is in session until 11:15 a.m .  Monthly children's chapel services are held in Noah's Chapel. Children return to the sanctuary for Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month.

Summer Sunday School for children who will be in grades K to 3 in the fall runs from mid-June through August.

Infant care (newborn to age 2) and toddler care (age 3-4) is provided every Sunday beginning at 10 a.m .

Audio Tapes and CDS; Sermons Audio and Podcast

Audio tapes and CDs of Sunday worship: cassettes and CDs of all worship services are available at the close of worship. Back copies on file for the past 6 months are also available.  Memorial Services are recorded upon request.

For many sermons, an audio recording is available on the page for that sermon . A podcast of all recorded sermons is available at www.springglenchurchdev.org/sermons-podcast

Announcement Procedures

The Deacons and Church Council have suggested that all announcements be printed in the bulletin. Please fax (248-2070), e-mail springg@snet.net , or phone (288-3381) by noon on Thursday. If on Sunday morning you find you have a last-minute announcement, please write it down and give it to one of the pastors.


Lent 2016: Essentials for the Journey

When you can choose only one thing to take with you, what do you bring?

The season of Lent is a journey.  It is prefaced with the Transfiguration of Jesus; it begins with Ash Wednesday, and it ends with the powerful events of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and the Glory of Easter.  In between Ash Wednesday and Easter an invitation...

Honoring Special Occasions or People with Altar Flower Sponsorship

For those who may wish to celebrate a family event or remember a loved one in a special way, there are openings on the calendar in the next few weeks for those wishing to donate flowers for this purpose.   Those interested are asked to contact...

Update on Worship Service Recordings

For many years recordings of the worship service have been made available on cassette tapes and for the past two and a half years on CDs.  Over the last year it has become apparent that few of the recordings on cassettes have been taken—in fact, during the period from July through October this year no cassettes were taken for eleven of the fifteen services.  ...