Update on Worship Service Recordings

For many years recordings of the worship service have been made available on cassette tapes and for the past two and a half years on CDs.  Over the last year it has become apparent that few of the recordings on cassettes have been taken—in fact, during the period from July through October this year no cassettes were taken for eleven of the fifteen services.  Therefore, while a master cassette recording will continue to be made each week, copies on cassette will no longer be made available except on request.  Each week’s master copy on cassette tape is held for approximately nine months before it is erased and reused.  The four copies on CD will still be made available, and the master CD created each week is held permanently. The recordings are a great way to make the services available to members and friends who cannot be present in person.  The “team” that manages the recording process each week is more than willing to make additional copies in either format (cassette tape or CD) if asked.  If anyone does wish more copies, please contact the church office or a member of the recording “team.”    

~ Recording “Team”: Rick Brownell, Doug Hawthorne, Lee Heston