We are a congregation firmly committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but instead of insisting on any single interpretation we invite each other to share his or her own faith and spirituality so that the whole body may be nurtured mutually.

We are an Open and Affirming congregation welcoming persons of any age, race, sexual orientation, nationality, economic circumstance, or physical or mental ability.  "God accepts all the people...so do we."

Worship Services begin at 10 a.m . Holy Communion is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of every month. Children begin the morning in the sanctuary with their families and after the Children's Message they go with their teachers to Sunday School. Infant/toddler care provided every week.


 Latest News

Pastor's Weekly Email - March 27

Our Lenten journey is nearing completion.   Our shared efforts to remember and walk in the ways of Jesus will soon be complete as the season of Lent concludes so powerfully, setting the stage for the glory and triumph of Easter.

About the week to come, the Rev. Herbert O'Driscoll once wrote: "Take Mark's gospel.   One third of that...

April Springboard available!

LOTS of upcoming events for Holy Week, spiritual enrichment, social activities, and more. Click through here to download the PDF, read all the details and mark your calendars!

March Sunday School News

To read the March Sunday School news, with Palm Sunday reminders, Easter information, and other news, click here

Pastor's Weekly Email - March 20

At last evening's book discussion on My Life with the Saints , we had a rich discussion on the sacred ability that the saints we discussed had to focus on others and not themselves.   Their way of life, their outlook, was so wonderfully focused on how they could give of themselves and change the world, that in a number of ways, that's just what...

Agape Meal: Learning, Feasting, and Worshiping together

The Great Hall was transformed this afternoon to serve our "Agape," or "love feast," a fellowship meal that recalls the meals Jesus shared with the disciples during his ministry. The meal we shared was integrated with elements of worship, in much the same way the early church would have shared in its life together. There were elements that recalled the Seder...

"See How They Run" - April 23 - 25

What could be more fun than a houseful of vicars?  How about one with a Russian spy, an American actor-turned-soldier, an actress-turned-vicar’s wife, the police, the maid and a faithful church member in for the experience of her life?  The Theater Arts Ministry is back.  Come see Stephen King’s See How They Run at 7:30 on April 23rd, 24th and 25th on the Great...